Is Zodiac Casino Legit?

At Zodiac Casino, your fate is written in the stars. While the astrological theme and alluring design of this online casino are certainly enough to pique the interest of many visitors, you may be wondering whether or not Zodiac Casino is actually a great place to play. In this review, we'll answer that question by looking at some of the most important factors to consider when evaluating Zodiac Casino is a legit casino.

Bonus Offers at Zodiac Casino

At Zodiac Casino, you get 80 chances to become a millionaire by depositing only a dollar. When you deposit your first dollar at Zodiac Casino, you'll get a $20 credit that amounts to 80 $.25 spins on any of the casino's progressive jackpot slot games, giving you 80 different free chances to take home a jackpot that could be upwards of several million dollars.

The bonus offer doesn't end there, though. Zodiac Casino will match portions of your next four deposits as well up to a total of $480, including a 100% match of your second deposit, up to $100. Add this to the $20 you get when you make your first deposit and you have a total of $500 of free money to play with when you play at Zodiac Casino. This is an attractive bonus offer that is very competitive with what you will find at any other legit casino.

Recent Zodiac Casino winner: 

D.P. won an incredible $11,610,536.59 jackpot from her mobile phone!

I decided to call the Customer Support Team. When I got through I was a bit flustered and I asked the operator, 'I think I am the winner of a big million dollars, is it true or not?' The operator assured me that it was true and that it was time to crack open the champagne!

D.P.  //  Zodiac Casino winner

Games at Zodiac Casino

Zodiac Casino offers a wide range of games, giving players plenty of fun, exciting options to choose from. These games include a variety of 3 and 5 reel slots, blackjack, roulette, video poker, and 15 different progressive jackpot slot games where the top prize can be anywhere from several hundred thousand to several million dollars - all of which you'll have the potential to win on a single $.25 spin.

For players who enjoy variety, there's a lot to like at Zodiac Casino. This online casino brings all of the most popular games that you will find at a top-class, Las Vegas casino right into the comfort and convenience of your own home. If you play at Zodiac Casino, you certainly should have no problem finding a game that matches your tastes and requirements.

Final Thoughts

Zodiac Casino offers everything you could want out of an online casino, including attractive bonus offers, a wide variety of games, massive jackpots, a stylish design, and state-of-the-art software and security. So is the Zodiac Casino legit? We say absolutely! If you are looking for a new place to play online, Zodiac Casino is certainly an option that you should consider.

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